If you are considering selling your home by yourself (For-Sale-By-Owner, commonly known as a FSBO) then you may want to consider the following:

  • Only 3% of the for-sale-by-owners are successful in selling their homes and that is in a good market! The other 97% decide to go with an agent.
  • Close of Escrow statistics from the title companies show that in the State of California, the average For-Sale-By Owner sold for a sales price 15% lower than that of an agent assisted sale in 2007, 17% less in 2008 and year-to-date in 2009, 18%!
  • So trying to save that 6% commission by selling your home yourself actually does not work-your losing money!
  • 92% of all FSBO transactions fail to close-that is, after an offer is accepted, the transaction fails. 8% of all agent assisted transactions fail
  • A FSBO transaction is 10 times more likely to end end in litigation or a dispute than an agent assisted transaction.

The liability risk, the wasted time and effort spent not to mention the poor financial reward all suggest you would be much better off selling your home through a top producing, knowledgeable, skilled, results driven agent.

 I'm that agent-I have successfully helped many for-sale-by owners and I can help you too! Contact me-I would be excited to assist you in getting your home sold!


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